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Mayor Mike Mitoma for Carson City Council

Why am I running

This special election is costing you $500,000

This council seat is only for one year. I am the only one who has the experience go to work immediately. At this time more than ever we need an experienced Council  Member. I served on the City Council for 10 years as your Mayor and Council Member.  I have continued to serve the city as an Economic Development Commissioner and most recently as a Planning Commissioner. My 50 years of business experience from being President of a bank to owning several companies are need on the council. Not one candidate has any business experience or is a homeowner.


When I was Mayor, we balanced the budget each year without raising taxes and created the largest financial reserve in the city's history. Today the city has passed a tax on your utilities and increased sales tax from 9.75% to 10.25% and is still  unable to balance the city's budget.


The dysfunctional council could not agree on someone to fill a council seat that was vacated almost 1 year ago with Lula Davis Holmes election to Mayor. They were deadlocked 2-2. The inability to compromise resulted in this special election and is costing the city $500,000. This money could have been spent on repairing our roads, youth and senior citizen programs.


I will be an independent vote not owing loyalty to a council member or to large corporate special interest campaign contributors. The two candidates supported by  Jim Dear (Arlene Rojas) and Lula Davis Holmes (Freddie Gomez) have received tens of thousands in campaign contributions from the largest property and warehouse owner/developer and from the real estate apartment developer who wants to close our mobile home parks and put our seniors on the streets  These candidates will owe their loyalty to their council supporters and their special interest donors and not to the Carson residents.


Do you want a city run by corporate special interests? Carson, you deserve a city where you the residents are the only special interest.

Mayor and City Council Member Carson.

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50 Years of Comunity Sevice

50 years of Community Service

California State University Dominguez Foundation Board

United Way Board

Carson-Gardena YMCA Board

Dominguez-Carson Rotary Club

Gardena Kiwanis

Boy Scout Advisory Board

VFW Post 1921

Marathon Oil Advisory Board

Tesoro Oil Advisory Board Board

Shell Oil Advisory Board

South Bay Cities Board

National League of Cities Board

U.S. Conference of Mayors

APAMO Board President

Private Industry Council

JACL Board

L. A. County Sanitation Board

Alameda Corridor Board

FOR Youth Basketball Coach

Special Olympics Coach


Some of MyProjects

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Thanks for submitting!


460 E. 249th Street, Carson, CA 90745

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